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Coaching de transformation, Pragmatique & Divin

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Growing in power

The Switch Seminar is intended for artists, future entrepreneurs, high-level athletes, HPI / HPE, business leaders, opinion leaders and influencers who aspire to experience a strong, shared and high level experience.

When you meet for two days with other people who do not hide their ambitions and dare to make the social mask fall, nothing to gain height and scope.

Through a dense program, in a place conducive to letting go and well-being, Europe https://lavoixdelame.learnybox.com/sale-seminaire-switch/ and USA https://lavoixdelame.learnybox.com/book- Switch-seminar-for-english-speakers /, where conviviality and professionalism come together, I invite you to live a turn in your life.

What is waiting for you? A reconnection to your buried dreams and all your potential, a better understanding of your personal journey until today.

By taking time with each other, by exchanging with others, each day you will see your journey in a different light, enlightened by an authentic word. As the hours go by, you will advance by freeing yourself from what is useless to deploy your wings.

The interest of being in a group? You will be able to compare your vision with that of others, to refine your communication, to benefit from my feedback and that of others, to evolve within a collective that understands you and helps you to climb the markets much more quickly. It is an awakening awaiting you, to honor your being, in its totality.