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About me

A life made of challenges

About ten years ago, I was Director of Sales Europe, for an ecommerce company. I had a level II Master in Marketing and International Business and was a successful part of this growing Business. Those eight years spent in London accustomed me to surpass myself in any context. Negotiating directly with executives from different nationalities worldwide as well as working with my team of sales representatives in several different countries allowed me to develop many management qualities. While taking advantage of my persuasive force and everything that made me, since my Younger years, a leader. Besides, sporting spirit, I participated in two championships of France in team of Handball and Athletics, which allowed me to sharpen my mind and develop a team spirit. Not to mention that singing and writing have always nourished my creativity, indispensable to my balance. I could have continued this journey by continuing to climb the ranks of the hierarchy to the top, if in 2012, I had not been forced to see what I had always wanted to hide ...

The Great Jump to My Truth

In two months, serious events were chained in my life, a total stripping that made me realize how mine the path I took, however interesting it was, was not mine. I had stifled a particularly developed intuition. It took me time to listen, but beyond, to accept my gifts. By plunging into me, connecting to my truth and meeting the right people, I finally accepted my vocation. From then on I was trained with the best (DISC Accreditation, Certified Coach at The Coaching Academy London, NLP Technician Accreditation, Benchmark Institute, USUI RYOH Reiki Certificate and others). And I accepted the obvious: I have become a guide for those who want to play a role in the New World. By radically changing paths, my gifts have increased tenfold and refined. Today, using my observation and perception capabilities, I decipher the one who wishes to put his greatest ambitions to the service of his passion, a cause, a population, ... Well of all. By immersing in the authenticity of the person, my sixth sense allows me to take you even further in your mission, with confidence and serenity. Result: you save time to go where you need to be.

You are freed from what is hindering your journey, you become even more impacting, resulting in exponential spillovers.

A exceptional skills exceptional missions

Every human being can call on intuition, that ability to feel and anticipate what is good for oneself or others. But unfortunately he does not know how to explore it completely. For my part, life gave me a precious gift by allowing me to access it effortlessly. What is difficult to describe is not frightening for all that. On the contrary. These predispositions exist to accompany you, tailor-made, to find the solutions that you may have been looking for a long time. Because I know and I have confirmation from my peers that my talents in this field are powerful, I have chosen to put them to the benefit of those who want to influence and influence the world in Ethics that is beneficial to all. I am addressing visionaries, HPIs and HPEs, those who, through their art, high-level sport, politics, entrepreneurship, or any form of leadership, want to go even further in their potential .

Transforming a sector, creating change, influencing a population ... all these are examples of results that stem from what my intervention does.

The world is my home

Finally, impossible to talk to you about me without mentioning travels around the world. I crisscross the planet with the thirst for meeting the other, for what unites us and for our differences. I draw from these cultures inspiration and a knowledge of the other precious to awaken consciences. All these experiences feed my open-mindedness and interest in the human being in general. This curiosity leads me to discover multiple approaches, which enrich the services I propose, atypical and unique. To allow my customers around the world, to influence in turn, the largest number.

Céline Joyce Douay